Task three: Research

I looked at the Official Music Video for the song which was directed by Jamie Thraves – the concept behind this music video was to show reminiscence of classic short film the red balloon although shown through the use of a womans head it still follows the main idea.

For locations I have looked at using the photography dark room. My home kitchen. An ally way and i will also need to find some shops where my main characters can bump into eachother at the beginning.

Safety should not be an issue but i will have to be careful with the glass i smash and then make sure my actor can swim.

Props i will need a gun, a glass i can break, a sign which looks like one used in mug shots as well as good looking camera with a flash and a picture + frame of the couple.

For Talent I have advertised with my friends and most seem egar to help me out so I should find it easy to find 3 actors.

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